What unpleasant feature of 2024 iPad Air’s cheap version did Apple keep silent about?

May 14, 2024  16:11

During the announcement of the new tablets, Apple kept silent not only about the fact that not all 2024 iPad Pros received the same M4 chips (the elder models have higher performance than the other ones), but also about another unpleasant feature: the cheaper version of the 2024 iPad Air The screen brightness is about 20% lower than the more expensive version.

According to MacRumors citing videos from blogger SaranByte, the display of the 13-inch iPad Air has a maximum brightness of 600 nits, which is 20% higher than that of the 11-inch version. However, Apple did not pay attention to this difference in screen brightness between different versions of the iPad Air at the presentation.

It's worth noting that the new iPad Pro models feature brighter OLED displays that can reach up to 1,000 nits for regular dynamic range content and up to 1,600 nits for HDR content.

Here's what we know so far about the brightness levels of tablet screens introduced this year:

  • iPad Pro 13 (M4): 1000 nits,
  • iPad Pro 11 (M4): 1000 nits,
  • iPad Pro 13 (M2): 600 nits,
  • iPad Pro 11 (M2): 600 nits,
  • iPad Air 13 (M2): 600 nits,
  • iPad Air 11 (M2): 500 nits,
  • iPad Air 11 (M1): 500 nits.

It should be noted that the new iPad Air, introduced on May 7, is already available for pre-order, and they will go on sale starting May 15, 2024. Key innovations in the 2024 models include the M2 chip, new front-facing camera placement, Wi-Fi 6E support, Apple Pencil Pro compatibility, and new color options.

Buyers of the new iPad Pro with 1 TB and 2 TB of memory will receive not only double the amount of RAM (16 GB versus 8 GB) compared to the younger versions, but also a more powerful M4 chip: 10-core instead of 9-core. True, you will have to pay $600 more for such pleasure than for the base iPad Pro model with 256 GB.

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