Apple unveils new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Air with M2 chip (video)

May 7, 2024  18:51

Apple is finally updating the iPad Air line two years after the previous models were released. The new device, presented as part of the company's online event on May 7, is available in two sizes - 11 and 13 inches.

John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware, explained during the presentation where the iPad Air fits into the overall iPad lineup. The tablet isn't as powerful as the iPad Pro, but it offers more features than the base iPad model. For example, the iPad Air supports the second-generation Apple Pencil (the one that can be magnetically attached to the side of the tablet) and the Magic Keyboard.

“iPad Air is designed to deliver advanced features pioneered on iPad Pro and make them available and even more affordable price,” Ternus said.

The previous version of the tablet was equipped with the Apple M1 chip; the company is now using the M2 for the new iPad Air. The iPad Air supports Wi-Fi 6E, but there is also the option to get a 5G model.

The device display is still LED; if you want a tablet with an OLED display, you'll need to buy an iPad Pro.

The camera placement on the tablet has been redesigned to make it look more natural and easier to use when you hold iPad in landscape orientation. Both the front and rear cameras are equipped with 12 MP sensors.

The aluminum body is available in four color options: blue, purple, starlight and space grey.

The new iPad Air still comes with 128GB of storage for $599 (or $799 for the 13-inch variant), but there are additional versions with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of storage.

The new iPad Air models are available for pre-order starting today and will go on sale next week.

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