WhatsApp gets another new feature

May 17, 2024  12:07

WhatsApp messenger has received another new feature that allows you to hide group chats from prying eyes. The innovation is already available in the beta version of the messenger for Android under build number The function is already being tested, and it will appear for the general public a little later.

According to the authoritative publication WABetaInfo, which specializes in WhatsApp news and updates, community owners will not be able to change the visibility settings of the group after it is hidden, which will allow all chat participants to maintain the confidentiality of their discussions. Community administrators will only be able to find and remove a hidden group from the list of communities, but will not be able to change its visibility status.

The new feature will also prevent unauthorized requests to join a hidden group chat.

At the moment, the function is under development, but, according to experts, it will become available in the next app updates.

This feature is not the only one that WhatsApp developers have been testing over the past few days. Earlier, a feature was discovered in the beta version for iPhone that prohibited taking screenshots of other people's profile photos. This innovation is also aimed at increasing the level of privacy and security of messenger users.

WhatsApp recently received two more new features that will greatly simplify user interactions within Communities. The first innovation is an integrated event planning tool that allows Communities members to create, announce and manage events right in the application. A system of reply chains to messages from administrators in “Communities” has also been introduced: replies will be organized in such a way as to minimize chaos in the chat.

A week ago, WhatsApp also released a major update to the mobile versions of its application. After installing this update, users of Android and iOS devices will be able to appreciate the updated design and interface, which is designed to make the application more convenient to use.

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