Apple fans are disappointed: New iPads have some issues

May 8, 2024  17:33

Apple fans are shocked and disappointed after it was revealed that the company decided not to include a key feature in the boxes of the new iPads. In addition, the new processor and screen did not improve the performance of the iPad Pro 2024 battery life. Also iPad Pro's OLED screen mises an important feature.

iPad Pro and iPad Air without stickers

Apple has unveiled the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, which are available to order now and will start shipping next week. However, one of the favorite attributes of fans of this brand, the stickers in the form of the Apple logo, are not present in the boxes of the new equipment. This is reported by 9to5Mac.

According to the source, this decision is part of Apple's environmental strategy, which is aimed at completely eliminating plastic from the packaging of its products. However, some Apple Stores are shipping a limited number of stickers to hand out to customers who purchase a new iPad Pro or iPad Air only if they wish. If the store runs out of stickers, employees can order them from Apple.

However, Apple apparently won't distribute the stickers to other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. Therefore, the only way to get the Apple stickers when buying an iPad Pro or iPad Air is to buy them directly from an Apple Store.

The autonomous performance of the iPad Pro has not been improved

The new models of iPad Pro and iPad Air work up to 10 hours on a single charge, which disappointed some users. The thing is that both tablets got more energy-efficient processors (in the case of the iPad Pro, the screen also became less energy-consuming) than in previous models, but this did not affect the performance of the batteries. This is reported by MacRumors.

The iPad Pro is powered by the M4 chip, which is built on a second-generation 3nm process and has six efficient cores, two more than the M2. Apart from that, the device comes with a more efficient OLED display. However, these improvements did not affect battery life per charge, writes MacRumors.

The 11-inch iPad Pro's battery has a capacity of 31.29 Wh, which is higher than the previous generation's 28.65 Wh. The 13-inch iPad Pro's battery has a capacity of 38.99 Wh, which is slightly lower than the previous model's 40.88 Wh.

The iPad Air also has an improved battery. The 11-inch model has a power rating of 28.93 Wh, which is slightly more than the previous 10.9-inch version (28.6 Wh). The new 13-inch model comes with a 36.59 Wh battery.

Apple claims that the iPad Pro and iPad Air models work for up to 10 hours on a single charge, with up to nine hours of battery life when surfing the web or watching videos over Wi-Fi or cellular.

OLED display without Always-On Display

Despite the presence of an OLED screen, the new iPad Pro lacks the useful and popular Always-On Display feature, which allows the screen to display useful information even when it is turned off.

The screens of the new iPad Pro models are made with LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) technology. It has low power consumption, which allows you to reduce the screen refresh rate to 10 Hz for static content. However, this minimum frequency value is not sufficient for Always-On Display to work.

Such a situation has already happened with the iPhone 13 Pro models, which lowered the refresh rate to 10 Hz, but did not have the Always-On Display option. This feature is only available on iPhone 14 Pro models, which can reduce the screen refresh rate to 1 Hz.

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