Which Apple computers will be improved in 2024?

March 12, 2024  10:28

In early March 2024, Apple introduced 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models, transitioning them to the latest M3 chips. However, as reported by MacRumors, there are still several computer models in the American tech giant's lineup that will undergo improvements in 2024.

Most likely, Apple will upgrade the Mac mini to M3 chips this year, as suggested by early rumors and the customary 18-month Mac mini update cycle. While the device is expected to be announced by the end of 2024, MacRumors does not rule out the possibility of Apple delaying this event until March 2025.

In June 2023, Apple updated the Mac Studio series and introduced a model with the M2 chip. According to a January report from the Taiwanese analytical firm TrendForce, a new Mac Studio model with a more powerful chip than anticipated, the M3 Ultra, will be released in mid-2024.

Rumors suggest that the M3 Ultra chip will be manufactured using the N3E TSMC process, similar to the A18 chip, which is expected to debut in the iPhone 16 lineup. N3E is an improved version of TSMC's 3nm process, promising slightly better performance and higher energy efficiency.

According to some leaks, in the second half of 2024, Apple will unveil a new Mac Pro. This device, like the Mac Studio, is expected to feature the M3 Ultra chip. It is likely that the Mac Pro will use an "overclocked" version of the System on a Chip (SoC) with 32 high-performance cores and 80 graphics processor cores.

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