Most common reasons for returning Apple Vision Pro: What is it about $3,500 gadget that buyers don’t like?

February 21, 2024  10:16

Many customers continue to return their recently purchased Apple Vision Pro. Popular insider and Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gurman spoke with some of these buyers to compile the top reasons for returns. He listed them in the new Power On newsletter.

As it turns out, many buyers complain about the large size and weight of the Apple Vision Pro, which makes using the device uncomfortable. Some buyers have even faced headaches due to this.

Another popular reason for dissatisfaction is the lack of content and applications at release.

Additionally, the MR headset often didn't live up to people's expectations of improving their productivity: According to Gurman, people expected Apple's Vision Pro's new features to make them more productive than simply using a regular external monitor with a Mac. But in reality everything turned out to be wrong; moreover, unlike a monitor, Vision Pro is difficult to use for a long time.

Other users were unhappy with the narrow field of view of Apple Vision Pro cameras and glare, which for some caused eye fatigue and even temporary vision problems.

A separate category of complaints relates to mental discomfort while using Vision Pro: as it turned out, some people began to experience anxiety due to isolation from the environment and loved ones.

Let us remind you that the Vision Pro headset goes on sale from February 2, the price starts at $3,500. True, many customers began returning them soon after purchase, complaining about the same problems that Gurman pointed out.

By the way, experts recently found out that the gadget’s parameters differ from those stated: the resolution of the Vision Pro screens is 3660 by 3200 pixels, while the 4K standard is a canvas measuring 3840 by 2160. In addition, the total number of pixels of one microLED display of the headset is 11,437 866 pixels, although Apple in official promotional materials talks about 23 million pixels for two screens.

Breaking these screens, as it turned out, is not as easy as it might seem, but if you do, the repair will cost as much as the most expensive MacBook -- $2,399.

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