Why is it useful to restart your computer from time to time?

November 29, 2023  20:10

It is advisable to reboot your personal computer from time to time: this can help in eliminating most minor problems with the device, according to IT expert Sergey Kuzmenko.

In his new guide, he highlights at least seven reasons why regularly rebooting your PC can be beneficial. One of them is the correct installation of updates, since many changes in the operating system or software require completely turning off and then turning on the PC. Another reason is to eliminate minor glitches in software and RAM.

“A crooked application or minor glitches can cause problems with your laptop’s RAM and internal storage, which leads to freezes and slowdowns in work,” Kuzmenko noted.

According to him, rebooting helps improve the overall performance of the operating system and eliminates memory leaks associated with the fact that programs sometimes do not “return” the used RAM after shutting down.

The expert believes that a reboot can also solve minor hardware problems such as system freezes or hardware problems such as printers.

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