Apple working on cellular MacBooks powered by custom 5G modems: When will they hit market?

November 22, 2023  21:14

Apple is developing a MacBook with a cellular module based on its own chip with a 5G modem. This was reported by Wccftech, citing data from insider Mark Gurman.

True, the launch of such a laptop is not expected soon. The first thing Apple will most likely focus on is transitioning smartphones to its own 5G modems, and this will not happen until 2026. Computers with built-in communications modules will appear approximately two to three years after that, meaning their eventual release is not expected until 2028.

Since 2018, Apple has been working on its own modems in an effort to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm. The purchase of Intel's modem division was a key step in this direction.

The publication Wccftech notes that the development of a 5G modem turned out to be more difficult than Apple expected. However, at the moment there are no signs that the company is going to abandon this ambitious initiative.

According to Gurman, in addition to the iPhone and MacBook, Apple also plans to bring its connectivity modules to the Apple Watch and iPad, continuing to expand the influence of its own technologies across its product portfolio.

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