Apple stops production of iPhone 13 mini: What should people who prefer compact phones buy?

September 14, 2023  14:28

Apple has stopped the production of iPhone 13 mini smartphone, which is the last model of the iPhone mini series. This decision was predictable, as experts had previously indicated the possibility of such scenario. Now, Apple's smallest smartphone is the third-generation iPhone SE, although compared to other Apple models, it may seem less powerful and the design outdated.

As PCMag notes, Apple introduced the iPhone mini family with the goal of offering users compact versions of the larger iPhone models while maintaining their design and functionality. The iPhone 12 mini was released in 2020, followed a year later by the iPhone 13 mini. Both variants have a small 5.4-inch screen and compact dimensions, which made them ideal for those who prefer compact smartphones. Comparing them to larger models like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can see a significant difference in size and weight.

This change related to the company's products took place after the presentation of the iPhone 15, which became the company's new flagship. Apple usually keeps previous models on sale as more affordable options, but this time the company has decided to stop production of the iPhone 13 mini. The new iPhone lineup includes the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15, each offering different specifications and prices. The core lineup includes the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, as well as the iPhone 13. The most affordable smartphone in Apple's lineup remains the iPhone SE, priced at $429. However, as mentioned, it already seems quite outdated.

One of the main issues faced by iPhone mini users was battery life. According to PCMag tests, it lasted just 12 hours on a single charge. Additionally, many users found the iPhone mini's screen too small, making it uncomfortable for typing. Despite this, this series is less popular than expected, and the company did not introduce the iPhone 14 mini model in 2022, and now it has finally stopped the release of the iPhone 13 mini.

It should be noted that the budget iPhone 4SE smartphone will be released in 2025, which will receive a number of new functions, including the action button, which the iPhone 15 Pro also has, as well as its own 5G modem. The dimensions of the screen are not yet known, but it is possible that it will be smaller than the standard 6.1 inches and thus attract the attention of people who prefer compact phones. However, it seems that these people will have to settle for the old, third-generation iPhone SE until 2025 or look for compact smartphones from other manufacturers.

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