Apple will release a budget iPhone in 2025։ What is known about it?

September 11, 2023  20:28

The budget iPhone 4SE smartphone will be released in 2025. According to, it will get its own 5G modem.

According to the source, Apple plans to make significant changes to its smartphones, and one of the main innovations will be the transition to 5G modems, which were developed by the company itself. According to TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this transition is expected to begin in 2025, and the first device with the new chip will be the budget iPhone 4SE.

The move is a sign that Apple intends to be as independent as possible from third-party manufacturers of chips and components. As Kuo notes, the company has already taken an important step in this direction by switching to M series processors for Mac devices. Now the company is moving to produce its own modems, which will be installed in smartphones and other devices with mobile communication functions.

It is important to note that Apple has already started working in this direction back in 2019, when it bought the division developing 5G systems from Intel. However, work on its own modem is not yet complete, so Apple continues to use Qualcomm modems for now, including the Qualcomm X65 modem used in the iPhone 14.

The fourth-generation budget iPhone SE is also expected to get a number of new features, including the action button that the iPhone 15 Pro also has. It will also be made with the design of modern devices in mind: the previous SE models are based on the iPhone 8 body, and the new device should have an iPhone Xr body. iPhone SE 4 will also get USB-C and Face ID scanner. The smartphone will have a single rear camera and an OLED display.

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