WhatsApp to have new feature to protect messages

August 14, 2023  16:10

The web version of the WhatsApp Messenger will have a new screen lock function that will enable to restrict the use of the Messenger by unauthorized persons, reported the WABetaInfo portal.

This feature was first announced in November 2022. Now the innovation has been made available to a large number of beta testers for the WhatsApp web version. The function enables to block access to WhatsApp Messenger and requires entering a special password every time this app is opened.

If the user forgets this password, he will have to end the session, after which he will have to re-authenticate using a QR code that will appear on the computer screen. And to pass the authentication, the user must be logged into his WhatsApp account on the smartphone at the time.

Activating the new feature ensures that if someone gains access to a user's computer while they are away, they cannot read their messages without entering the password. In addition, push notifications will not be displayed until the password is entered.

The new feature is currently being tested, which is why it is not yet available in the stable version of WhatsApp Web. Similar functionality is provided for all other platforms of this app.

Several new features have been introduced in WhatsApp recently. In particular, in the Android version of this app, it is now possible to add and use several user accounts at the same time. Also, in WhatsApp it is already possible to share the screen with interlocutors during video calls.

Recently, WhatsApp announced as well that it will strengthen security, as the app will soon have a new authentication system based on biometric login keys. Such a system promises an additional layer of protection and security for users.

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