15-inch MacBook Air does not live up to expectations։ Why did sales of Apple's new laptop fail?

July 28, 2023  20:19

Recently, Apple introduced its new development, the 15.3-inch MacBook Air, with which the company had high hopes. However, despite positive reviews from experts, sales of the device failed because it did not arouse much interest among consumers.

As DigiTimes notes, the volume of orders for the new MacBook Air was significantly lower than expected, which led to problems in Apple's supply chain. Due to the low demand for the device, the company even had to reduce the production of the laptop.

Interestingly, Apple hoped that the novelty would be in great demand among users who need a large mid-range laptop, but cannot afford the more expensive and powerful MacBook Pro 16.

The low demand for the MacBook Air could have several reasons. First, the general decline in the personal computer market may also affect consumer interest in the new device. Second, the upcoming release of the Apple M3 chip-based MacBook Air is expected this fall, which may reduce consumer interest in this model.

The updated MacBook Air differs from its younger model, the 13-inch version, only in screen size, and in both cases the Apple M2 chip is responsible for the computer's performance. This won't be much of an incentive for users to buy the new model if they already have a previous model powered by the same chip, especially when the 13-inch model starts at $1,100 and the 15.3-inch version will cost $200 more.

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