Migo Ascender: the first robot vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs (photo, video)

June 8, 2023  18:30

Robot vacuum cleaners are very popular today, but until recently they had one major drawback: they couldn't climb stairs and only cleaned flat surfaces. Now, however, Migo Robotics has introduced the Ascender robot vacuum that can climb stairs and clean them, too.

According to company representatives, the new robot was developed by "a team of renowned experts from Google, Boston Dynamics, Dyson and Ecovacs who are working to bring innovation to this industry."

Ascender can both pick up dirt and wash floors. The robot vacuum cleaner climbs the stairs thanks to a pair of "legs" attached to the device.

Migo Ascender

There are no details about this device on the company's website yet. It probably uses LiDAR to map house layouts and track cleaning paths. According to the manufacturer, Ascender's battery will be enough to clean an area of 480 square meters on a single charge, although, most likely, the area to be cleaned may decrease after climbing stairs, since the robot will use more energy when climbing stairs.

The suggested retail price of the robot vacuum cleaner will be $1,399, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in August of this year. However, those who donate $5 to the company's crowdfunding campaign will be able to purchase the Ascender for $999.

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