Tesla demonstrates Optimus robots’ new skills: They have a good orientation and can carefully touch the egg without breaking it

May 17, 2023  18:08

During Tesla's annual shareholder meeting, the company showed a video that demonstrates how the capabilities of Optimus humanoid robots have been improved.

The robots are able to scan and memorize their surroundings, forming a digital map of the area. The training of the robot in actions with objects, as can be seen from the presented video, is also carried out with the help of a person. The robot's mechanisms simply replicate human movements and thereby the robot learns the optimal actions to work on a live example.

In addition, Tesla is also training the robot to move its arms in complex trajectories and handle soft or fragile objects with complex shapes. For example, the video shows how the robot carefully touches the egg without breaking it.

During the annual meeting with the shareholders, Elon Musk, the head of the Tesla company, once again announced that over time, robots will bring a significant part of the income to Tesla, and there will be 10-20 billion robots on the market.

The approximate price of such a robot should be about 20,000 dollars, and its software will be based on the same artificial intelligence system that is used in the company's electric cars.

During the first public demonstration last fall, the prototype of the second-generation Tesla Bot robot moved on stage only with the help of assistants, but as a greeting gesture, it was able to move its arms. In March of this year, another video was published in which two robots of this type independently walk around the room and fix the "upper limb" of another robot with the help of an electric tool.

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