Several important functions to be disabled on some iPhone models

April 17, 2023  11:20

Older iPhones running iOS 11 will soon turn into "bricks," as a number of important functions will be disabled in these smartphones. Sergey Kuzmenko, the head of the information security department of the Roskachestvo digital expert center, warns about this.

According to, all functions related to Apple services—AppStore, cloud services, connection with maps, etc.—will stop working in these smartphones:

"It should be kept in mind that it’s about very old [smart]phones that have not received updates for a long time. Smartphones included in this list are: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and all models released earlier," said Kuzmenko.

Although Apple has not yet made an official statement about this, according to insiders, the shutdown of the aforesaid services should begin already in May.

At the same time, outdated smartphones will not be updated because the operating system is strictly related to the model and device, and therefore the new version of the operating system cannot be installed on the old device.

The latest update to the operating system released by Apple is iOS 16.4, which fixed bugs and improved stability, as well as adding a number of new features and more than two dozen emojis.

To download iOS 16.4, you need to enter the following menus: iPhone Settings → General → Software update. The new operating system is about 250MB when upgrading from the latest beta version, and about 2GB when upgrading from iOS 16.3.

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