Russia, Belarus hackers break into US Internal Revenue Service system, steal 198 million rows of data

January 17, 2023  12:20

Russian and Belarusian hackers said they broke into the US Internal Revenue Service system and stole data, including usernames and passwords. As informs, such a statement was made by the leader—known as Killmilk—of the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet.

According to the source, Killnet hackers and supporters of the Belarusian association Infinity Hackers BY participated in this operation. This association was created based on the Infinity hacking forum.

These hackers have said they will release 198 million rows of data stolen from the US Internal Revenue Service database if the US takes another step towards the "borders of the brotherly nations" of Russia and Belarus.

Hackers gained access to the internal database of the US Tax Service through the corporate network of an employee of the logistics services of the US state agency. The said employee became a victim of phishing when he clicked on a malicious hyperlink while watching porn on the internet.

Previous Killnet attacks

Hackers from the same Russian Killnet group had announced—on their Telegram page in December 2022—that they had hacked the database of employees of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Killnet had stated that they were able to gain access to the data of 10,210 FBI employees and had access to all the passwords of said FBI employees from various user accounts.

"We have all passwords at our disposal, from online stores to medical admission cards, Google and Apple accounts. Facebook and Instagram user accounts, passwords from porn websites," Killnet had said in a statement.

In early November, Killnet said it had attacked state security websites and intelligence agencies in European countries, including the Baltic states. This is how the hackers had congratulated the employees of the military intelligence of the Russian Federation on the occasion of their professional holiday, which is celebrated on November 5.

"Congratulations to all explorers of Russia on the occasion of the great holiday. In honor of you, we will make a little noise in rotten Baltica," had said the message disseminated by Killnet.

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