How and why do scammers deceive construction companies?

June 18, 2024  22:20

Cyber ​​scammers have recently targeted professionals and companies in the construction industry. They offer assistance in passing mandatory certification to confirm or extend the right to professional activity, as well as joining self-regulatory organizations (SROs), and as a result they steal confidential data of victims. This scheme is now actively spreading in Russia, but, in theory, can be applied in other countries.

How the scheme works

The BI.ZONE team in an interview with Gazeta.Ru said that it had identified more than 3,800 fraudulent resources posing as consulting companies. These sites offer comprehensive support, including advice, training materials and guaranteed test completion. The cost of such “services” starts from 20,000 Russian rubles.

To receive the service, users are asked to fill out an application form on the website, indicating their specialization, name, phone number and email. After filling out the application, an “employee” of the consulting company contacts the applicant to clarify details and payment. The scheme is similar for other types of attestation and certification.

Legal aspects

According to the order of the Ministry of Construction of Russia dated June 30, 2022 No. 529/pr, specialists included in national registers must undergo an independent qualification assessment (IQA), confirming the compliance of their qualifications with the provisions of the professional standard. This certification is mandatory for specialists included in the NOSTROY and NOPRIZ registries who apply for professional activities in the field of engineering surveys, construction and architectural design.

However, in accordance with the law, certification can only be completed at qualification assessment centers (QACs), which have the right to conduct certification received from the professional qualifications councils created under the NOSTROY and NOPRIZ registers.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers?

The head of BI.ZONE Brand Protection, Dmitry Kiryushkin, emphasized that scammers often use manipulative techniques, promising to give victims what they want. To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, it is recommended to check licenses and permits for conducting exams and certifications with extreme caution.

Experts note that the identified scheme is not yet widespread among fraudsters. All found domains were created by one attacker or one group.

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