Cyber fraudsters who earned $75 million from ransomware bots detained in Armenia and Ukraine

May 30, 2024  19:06

Cybercriminals who organized Europe's largest network of botnets and extorted money from citizens of the European Union were detained in Armenia and Ukraine.

As Reuters reports with reference to Europol, during the operation one fraudster was detained in Armenia and three in Ukraine. According to investigators, one of the suspects earned about 69 million euros (approximately $75 million) from renting portals with ransomware bots.

Law enforcement shut down more than 100 servers and took control of over 2,000 domains to dismantle criminal botnets. The operation, dubbed Operation Endgame, was carried out with the participation of law enforcement agencies from several EU countries, the US and Ukraine and was the largest attack on cybercrime to date.

The scammers used malware that connected to users' devices and allowed ransomware bots to control infected devices and demand a ransom to unlock them.

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