Which Samsung phones have dangerous levels of SAR radiation detected?

June 13, 2024  18:12

Analytical agency Stocklytics has published a report stating that the level of specific absorption rate of electromagnetic energy (SAR) in Samsung Galaxy A and S22 series smartphones is approaching the maximum permissible values.

In Europe, the maximum permissible SAR level is 2 W/kg. Recent measurements showed that the Galaxy A31 model reaches 1.68 W/kg. However, the report does not specify which body part - the head or chest - these measurements refer to, since the standards for these body parts differ.

The Galaxy S22 series has an ear SAR of 1.21 W/kg and a body SAR of 1.59 W/kg, which is quite high. In addition, the A23 series emits even higher levels of radiation during calls, as the radiation level in the ears is approximately 1.49 W/kg (ear). Although its body radiation level is significantly lower (1.25 W/kg) compared to the S22, it remains significantly higher than other models.

Here's what the situation looks like with Samsung smartphones:

Samsung-sar-radiation.png (71 KB)

Despite the high radiation level of some models, Samsung has devices with lower SAR levels. Examples include both new and old models:

  • Galaxy S24 (2024):
    • Head: 1.06 W/kg
    • Chest: 1.30 W/kg
  • Galaxy A72 (2021):
    • Head: 0.23 W/kg
    • Chest: 1.17 W/kg

Risks of long-term exposure to SAR radiation

Short-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation is considered safe. However, long-term exposure can cause negative health effects, including cognitive decline and the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

According to another test, older Xiaomi and Samsung gadgets turned out to be the most dangerous in terms of radiation. In first place was the Xiaomi Mi A1, released back in 2017: its SAR indicators are 1.58 W/kg and 1.42 W/kg for the ear and body, respectively. In second place was the same smartphone in the LTE version. Its SAR indicators are the same. Ranked from third to fifth place: Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with 1.58 W/kg (ear SAR) and 1.45 W/kg (body SAR), Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G with 1.56 W/kg (ear SAR) and 1.56 W/kg (body SAR) and Samsung Galaxy A23 5G with 1.49 W/kg (ear SAR) and 1.25 W/kg (body SAR).

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