Android's AI feature will protect smartphones from theft

June 12, 2024  18:32

Google has launched beta testing for a theft protection feature for Android smartphones. The innovation is currently available only in Brazil, reports The Verge.

The feature was introduced in May and is now available in beta for users in Brazil. To activate it, users need to apply to participate.

The technology operates based on artificial intelligence algorithms and can detect attempts to steal the gadget by analyzing unusual device movements. Additionally, the feature can identify unauthorized use of the smartphone when connected to unfamiliar networks.

The official presentation of the theft protection feature took place at the Google I/O conference in May 2024, where other privacy updates for the Android 15 operating system were also introduced. The exact release date for the theft recognition feature has not been disclosed yet.

The Android 15 operating system is currently undergoing testing. Its full release is expected in the fall of 2024. Google smartphones will be the first to receive the new OS.

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