Visa partners with TransferGo to promote seamless cross-border money transfers to the Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldova

June 21, 2024  20:41

London, UK - June 10, 2024 – Visa, a world leader in digital payments, and TransferGo, the global fintech empowering a world on the move, have extended their partnership to promote more seamless cross-border payments and encourage financial inclusivity in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldova.

This collaboration aims to promote international money transfers, enabling users in Europe and the UK to send money directly to Visa cardholders in nine countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Moldova. With this partnership, customers can now easily and affordably transfer money to their families and friends in these regions.

Thanks to Visa, TransferGo is excited to launch an Olympic Games-themed campaign, including an exclusive prize draw for new customers sending money directly to Visa cards in 9 countries. Participants stand a chance of winning exciting prizes including 36 Olympic Games-themed gift boxes, 10 Samsung tablets and phones, and an airline voucher worth £5,000. Additionally, every new customer joining the platform will automatically receive two free money transfers.

“Visa is committed to providing access to fast, simple and secure ways for people to move their money across borders to support friends and family overseas,” said Marni Kruppa, Head of Fintech Europe, Visa. “We are excited to collaborate with TransferGo to provide access to real-time payments and innovative, customer-friendly experiences to more people around the world.”

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"We provide global citizens with simpler and fairer financial services to send their hard-earned money to family and friends back home," said Reena Chauhan, UK Payments Lead at TransferGo. "Our partnership with Visa enables us to offer a reliable, secure, and speedy international payments solution. It enables our customers to maintain their meaningful life connections, while creating more favourable conditions for global financial inclusivity.”

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TransferGo has established itself as a trusted platform for fairer international money transfers, delivering high speeds, low fees and no hassle. With its customer-friendly interface and commitment to world-class service, TransferGo is an ideal partner for Visa in expanding financial inclusion and accessibility.

TransferGo has demonstrated phenomenal growth across the Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldova in 2023 compared to 2022: a 177% growth in revenue, a 169% rise in transactions, and a 103% increase in new clients who transfer money to Visa cards to their home countries.

For more information about the Visa-TransferGo partnership and prizes, please visit

About TransferGo:

TransferGo is the global fintech in company creating a fairer world for millions of global citizens by offering simpler, more affordable financial services. Celebrating over a decade of innovation, TransferGo continues to break down financial barriers, supporting over 7 million customers across 160 countries while remaining profitable. With a strong focus on financial inclusion, TransferGo's mission is to make the world fairer by transforming how people and businesses send and receive money across borders. With its headquarters in London and Vilnius, TransferGo employs nearly 400 people across Europe.

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