Doing Digital Awards Honored Digital Pioneers։ Brett King, Chris Skinner, Visa, Ameriabank, Fastex and Others

April 17, 2024  12:41

Doing Digital Platform has launched the Doing Digital Awards (DDA), an integral part of the annual Doing Digital Forum. As a platform dedicated to exploring fintech and business digitalization opportunities, the Forum aims to unite thought leaders across government, technology, finance, and banking sectors. Through insightful discussions and connections between global experts and local businesses, DDF promotes the advancement of the digitalization process.

"Doing Digital Forum has evolved into a groundbreaking tradition where we gather with fellow change-makers, and thought leaders keen to exchange knowledge and expertise, propelling innovation forward. This year we have launched our inaugural Awards, to honor those who have made a significant impact within the global and local ecosystem," said Tatevik Simonyan, Founder of Doing Digital Platform.

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Celebrating excellence in digitalization, the Doing Digital Awards have recognized pioneers like Brett King, Chris Skinner and Dirk Ohlmeier for their transformative impact on banking, fintech and talent growth. From Visa’s global leadership in digital payments to Ameriabank's advancement in digital transformation, and from Fastex's groundbreaking blockchain solutions to Hoory’s revolutionary AI-driven customer support, Ucraft’s exceptional web design tools, and Apricot Capital’s top-notch investment app, these winners drive the digital society forward.

The Central Bank's cultural transformation, ArCa's financial infrastructure excellence, and ISAA's role in digital society creation, demonstrate Armenia's digital prowess. Yeremyan Project’s excellence in hospitality and agro-innovation underscores the diverse facets of digital advancement.

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Brett King, author of Bank 4.0 and Branch Today Gone Tomorrow, Founder of Moven, The Futurists Network and Longevity Alpha, noted: “When you are striving to disrupt the world through Digital and AI, it can be a hard road with many challenges. Receiving recognition from your peer group with an award like this motivates you to keep going, and opens doors to accelerate your success.”

Doing Digital Awards anticipate submissions of successful digital transformation and AI-integrated campaigns worldwide to foster knowledge exchange and competitiveness in the realm of digitalization.

"I hope that 'Doing Digital Awards' will become one of the best recognitions in the field. And as we like to say, 'We met at DDF' will also be accompanied by 'We are the winner of DDA,'" added Tatevik Simonyan.

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The international Doing Digital Forum 2024, held on April 3 in Yerevan, achieved significant success, featuring over 20 digital leaders from Visa, Moven, Deloitte, Singapore University of Social Sciences and etc. With more than 1000 attendees, the event gained widespread acclaim and participation.

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