Russian blogger crashes car for second time to test iPhone's crash detection feature

April 3, 2024  14:10

Russian video blogger and host of YouTube channel HUDAKOV smashed a VAZ-2104 cas to test the crash detection feature in the iPhone 15.

As part of the review of the basic Apple smartphone, the blogger decided to test the functionality of Crash Detection by smashing a domestic car. Last year, the feature did not work in Russia during the iPhone 14 review. This conclusion was drawn by HUDAKOV himself, who smashed a VAZ-2108 without getting the expected reaction.

This time everything worked out — immediately after the accident, the robotic voice Siri in the smartphone announced: "It looks like you've been in an accident. If you don't respond, the iPhone will call emergency services," after which a timer started.

After 10 seconds of countdown, if the timer is not disabled, the iPhone will automatically call emergency services, and Siri will say: "The owner of this iPhone has been in a serious car accident and is not responding to calls," also providing the coordinates of the accident victim.

It is noted that during the experiment, no one was injured, and the blogger was able to verify the functionality of the useful crash detection feature.

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