Exact date of Apple's spring presentation already known: What will they show us?

March 19, 2024  10:19

The exact date of Apple's spring presentation is already known: it will take place on March 26, 2024, as reported by MacRumors, citing Chinese insider Instant Digital. The same date was given by the Chinese publication IT Home - this assumption was based on information from pages with cases for new devices from third-party manufacturers on Amazon.

Director of the analytical firm Display Supply Chain Consultants and insider Ross Young, in turn, noted that, according to his data, the release of new Apple tablets will take place in April. This information indirectly confirms the above information, since several weeks usually pass between the announcement and release of Apple devices.

There are no details about the event and its format yet. Perhaps this will not be a live broadcast, but the publication of a pre-recorded video.

What will they show at the Apple presentation?

Apple is expected to unveil new iPad Air and iPad Pro models at the event.

According to rumors, the new iPad Air will be available with displays with a diameter of 10.9 and 12.9 inches. There is also information that the iPad Air will also switch to a more productive Apple M2 chip. The 2024 iPad Air will also receive a new front-facing camera located in the center of the right stripe of the front surface: this will make the camera more convenient to use in landscape orientation of the device.

The new iPad Pros are rumored to have 11- and 13-inch screens. They are expected to be the first Apple tablets with OLED matrices. True, this will most likely lead to an increase in their cost, especially if they also receive the latest M3 chips. It is possible that this model will also receive a camera for use in landscape orientation.

Perhaps the new MacBook Air will also be presented at the event: the company will show 13- and 16-inch models with the latest M3 chip, and their design will not change much. Laptops may also get Wi-Fi 6E support. However, it is possible that their announcement will take place not on March 26, but on another day.

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