Yandex offers 1 million rubles in reward: What is it for and who can claim it?

February 7, 2024  16:24

Yandex has announced the expansion of the Bug Hunting program for smart devices – it now includes products released by the company last year: Station Duo Max, Station Midi, and TV Station. The reward size has increased from 600,000 to 1 million rubles.

The updated program's main goal is to find errors in the new devices. Experts who can bypass the protection of these gadgets and identify critical vulnerabilities can receive up to a million rubles in compensation.

The reward has also increased for discovering vulnerabilities in previously released products, including "Station Mini with Clock" and "Station Max" – the final amount will depend on the criticality of the identified error. Detailed information is available on the program's website.

In 2023, "Yandex" doubled its investments in the digital security of its products to 6 billion rubles. The funds are directed towards creating secure data storage systems, new solutions in fraud protection and DDoS attacks, access management systems, and other areas. Anyone interested can participate in the "Bug Hunting" program – to do so, one needs to find a vulnerability in a "Yandex" product and report it to the company.

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