New details about iPhone 16: It will get improved microphone for more efficient Siri

December 8, 2023  20:15

The iPhone 16, expected to be released next year, may have a new microphone that will improve the performance of the Siri voice assistant. According to MacRumors, this information was shared by Ming-Chi Kuo, an insider and analyst at TF International Securities.

According to an insider, Apple is banking on its own generative artificial intelligence features, similar to GPT, in the iPhone 16, linking it with the Siri voice assistant. To improve command recognition, the company decided to update the microphones in future smartphone models.

The new microphone will more effectively filter people's voices from ambient sounds, which Kuo says will lead to a "significant improvement in the Siri experience." Also, the new microphone will receive more reliable protection from moisture and dust.

Artificial intelligence will be a key feature of the iPhone 16, and it's possible that some smart features will be exclusive to Apple's 2024 smartphones.

AAC and Goertek will be the main microphone suppliers for the iPhone 16, and the partnership with Apple is expected to be lucrative for them as the price of microphones for the new model will be significantly higher compared to the previous version of the iPhone.

It is also known about next year's smartphones that Apple plans to use a graphene cooling system in them to solve the problem of overheating. In terms of design, it's likely that at least the iPhone 16 Pro version will get a circular cutout on the screen for the front-facing camera: the screen will not have the Dynamic Island notch that was first introduced in 2022 and was used on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, and then on all iPhone 15 models.

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