New details about iPhone 16: It will have a new cooling system

November 17, 2023  10:25

New information appears regularly about the iPhone 16, which will be released next year. This time, MacRumors, citing an insider known as Kosutami, reports that Apple plans to use a graphene cooling system in the iPhone 16 to solve the overheating problem.

In his latest post on X (Twitter), Kosutami mentions that Apple is currently working on a graphene cooling system that will be used in the iPhone 16 series of smartphones. At the same time, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models may additionally receive metal battery cases to reduce the level of heating them.

“The move appears to be a response to the widespread iPhone 15 Pro overheating issue, which Apple addressed with a software update this year,” MacRumors writes.

Graphene has high thermal conductivity and is superior to copper, which is currently used in iPhone heatsinks. Apple has been interested in graphene as a temperature regulator for some time and has already filed patents exploring graphene's ability to dissipate heat in mobile devices.

Apple also changed the Apple Watch Series 7 battery from black foil to metal a few years ago, so an equivalent replacement for the iPhone is entirely possible.

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