A Hong Kong startup has introduces a GPS-enabled belt to help blind people get around

December 5, 2023  22:14

Hong Kong-based startup AI Guided has unveiled an innovative "smart" belt for the visually impaired, named GUIDi. This device enables individuals to move safely, avoid obstacles, and provides additional capabilities, as reported by the Ferra portal.

The intelligent GUIDi belt consists of two parts: the front and the back. Two cameras with 8 MP resolution each are located on the front, scanning the surrounding environment within a radius of up to 5 meters. The rear part includes a microprocessor and electronics, along with a vibration motor that alerts the user to detected obstacles.

The belt operates with specialized software equipped with artificial intelligence, analyzing real-time video from the cameras. It can recognize static objects and alert the user with subtle vibrations.

Moreover, users can set a destination point using a mobile application and navigate a predefined route with GPS. GUIDi's battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

GUIDi is set to be available for purchase in early 2024 at a price of 10,100 Hong Kong dollars (1292 USD). 

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