Amazon introduces security robot that will help monitor business premises

November 17, 2023  14:12

The American IT giant Amazon has launched the sale of security robots known as Astro for Business, as reported by The Verge.

Astro for Business is a mobile robot equipped with a tablet and cameras, reminiscent of the iconic Pixar character WALL-E.

The latest offering from Amazon is capable of autonomous movement or remote control. It features a periscopic HD camera with night vision, providing round-the-clock access to real-time surveillance.

Amazon proposes the use of Astro for Business in patrolling office spaces, warehouses, and their adjoining areas. Upon detecting unauthorized individuals or suspicious activities such as unusual sounds, the robot promptly alerts human security personnel.

Astro for Business 1.JPG (48 KB)

Astro for Business is already on the market, priced at $2350 (approximately 210,000 rubles based on the exchange rate as of November 16, 2023). Amazon envisions this innovative technology as a valuable ally in enhancing security measures, offering businesses an efficient solution to bolster safety and surveillance.

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