ECG, pressure and temperature measurement, SpO2, IP68 protection and NFC chip: Xiaomi introduces new smartwatch

October 27, 2023  19:42

Xiaomi has introduced its first-ever smartwatch, packed with a wide array of health monitoring features, including the ability to perform electrocardiograms (ECG), measure blood pressure, and body temperature.

Named the Xiaomi Wrist ECG and Blood Pressure Recorder, the device boasts an aluminum alloy body, a stainless steel frame, and a circular 1.43-inch AMOLED display.

Xiaomi collaborated with prestigious Chinese medical institutions, such as the Third Hospital of Peking University and the Fuwai Hospital, known for its specialization in cardiovascular diseases. Joint research and testing were conducted with these institutions to ensure the utmost accuracy in blood pressure measurements.

Wrist ECG and Blood Pressure Recorder  2.jpg (20 KB)

Regarding the ECG feature, it takes only 30 seconds to complete, and the recorded data can be sent to leading Chinese clinics for result interpretation. In the event of an imminent health threat, the smartwatch can automatically contact a pre-designated phone number or even call for emergency medical assistance.

But the capabilities of this smartwatch extend beyond just health monitoring. It also tracks heart rate, SpO2 levels, menstrual cycles, stress, sleep patterns, and measures body temperature.

The new device is seamlessly integrated with Xiaomi's voice assistant, Xiao AI, and it features an NFC chip and full dust and water resistance with an IP68 rating. To make voice calls, it needs to be paired with a smartphone as it doesn't support eSIM. The smartwatch offers an impressive nine-day battery life on a single charge.

Priced at $275, Xiaomi's Wrist ECG and Blood Pressure Recorder is set to make waves in the wearable tech market, combining health-conscious features with cutting-edge technology.

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