Apple's ambitious project has hit a dead end

October 1, 2023  14:12

The Apple Car electric car project has reached a dead end, GizmoChina reports, citing data from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known insider and TF International Securities analyst.

Kuo believes that if Apple does not buy any car manufacturing company, it will lose its opportunity to enter the electric car market. According to him, without the support of any car manufacturer, the Apple Car is unlikely to be released in the next few years.

GizmoChina writes that Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction can hardly be called unexpected. Apple has not provided public information about the Apple Car for several years.

In addition, the problems in the project are evidenced by the change of several managers in that department one after the other. Constant rotation of management personnel led to product development failures. In particular, there are reports that Apple developers encountered technical problems while developing the autopilot system.

GizmoChina doesn't think Apple will give up on electric car development. Journalists in turn assume that many of the project's difficulties are due to the fact that the American IT corporation wants to create not just an electric car, but the best electric car.

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