How has Apple reacted to the news that the iPhone 12 emits dangerous levels of radiation?

September 15, 2023  18:23

iPhone 12 smartphones contain dangerous electromagnetic radiation, which is why it is planned to ban their sale in France. Apple's technical support staff received special instructions in this regard: they were advised not to provide any information on this topic to interested users and to give evasive answers.

As Bloomberg reports, citing information received from internal sources, Apple has given clear instructions to its technical support: if a customer asks about the French government's statements about the iPhone 12’s exceeding electromagnetic radiation standards, the technical support employee should say that he has nothing to say about it. Employees must also refuse a customer's request to return or exchange a smartphone if it was purchased more than two weeks ago.

For questions about the security of the iPhone 12, the technical support staff is advised to answer that all Apple products undergo testing, which ensures that they are reliable and safe to use.

Earlier the French government gave Apple two weeks to fix the problem with iPhone 12’s radiation. But the American IT corporation protested against French statements that the smartphone exceeded international radiation standards. Instead, the company announced its intention to cooperate with the European country to solve the problem and promised to provide the results of its own laboratory research.

According to Bloomberg, after the announcement of the French government about the iPhone 12, other European Union countries, such as Belgium and Germany, also showed interest in the issue.

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