Unexpected changes in iOS 17: The design of the "Phone" in the iPhone will be changed for the first time in many years (photo)

August 10, 2023  16:43

In the new version of the iOS 17 operating system, not only improvements in functionality are expected, but also some changes in design. One of the biggest updates will be in the Phone app and the location of the end call button, according to CNBC.

For a long time, the end call button was in the center of the bottom of the screen, which was familiar to many users. However, in the new version of iOS 17, Apple decided to move this button to the lower right corner of the screen. This change is intended to make the use of the functional elements of the application more convenient and ergonomic.

Buttons in iOS17

Other controls during a conversation will also be rethought. Some buttons, such as those for transferring a call to the speakerphone, turning on the microphone, or adding participants to the conversation, will also be moved down to provide a logical and convenient hierarchy of elements.

Many users will likely need time to adjust to the new button layout. Changing their location may cause some bewilderment for those who have used the application on an intuitive level for a long time. However, Apple is confident that the new layout will be more comfortable and ergonomic.

iOS 17 was presented at the WWDC 2023 conference, which was held in early June. The operating system is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released in September.

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