Which iPhone is the best and doesn't have useless features?

August 8, 2023  12:20

The best smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 11 Pro Max: it can safely be called the highest quality, moreover, it does not have useless cosmetic features like devices from the iPhone 14 series. This opinion was expressed by journalist Filipe Esposito from 9to5Mac.

“I never thought I would upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro Max after all these years. To be honest, I didn’t lose much, ”he admitted.

According to him, the transition to the iPhone 11 Pro Max was unexpected for him, especially after using the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This decision was due to the fact that the display on the iPhone 14 Pro Max burned out along with the elements of the lock screen, and in anticipation of repair, he began to use the old iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Comparing the two models, Esposito noticed that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a more curved body, it is thinner, overall lighter, with more compact cameras. According to him, he suddenly realized that he missed this format, and the new iPhones, unlike the 11th, are inconvenient to hold without a case.

However, the advantages of the iPhone 14 Pro Max were also found. For example, the display is still better. True, the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max also did not cause any complaints from the specialist.

Esposito said he didn't feel nostalgic for the Dynamic Island feature: while he recognized its uniqueness, he didn't want to go back to the feature.

According to Esposito, the performance of the 2019 smartphone was quite impressive. He even installed a beta version of iOS 17 on an old smartphone and stated that it works well, with no noticeable slowdowns or crashes.

In conclusion, Esposito emphasized that the latest generations of the iPhone have not made significant technical improvements that would oblige you to buy a new smartphone every year. Most of the innovations turned out to be cosmetic changes. He expressed confidence that many users are still satisfied with their iPhone 11 and do not feel the need to change devices frequently.

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