How to find out if your WhatsApp has been hacked and what to do?

June 13, 2023  20:08

There are a few telltale signs that your WhatsApp account may be compromised, Prime agency reports, citing Maria Fesenko, an information security specialist of the Security Code company.

According to her, an indirect sign can be that the application starts freezing sometimes, or restarts arbitrarily, the signal can be received intermittently and extraneous sounds can be heard during calls, the consumption of Internet traffic will increase, as well as the smartphone battery will start to overheat and the charge will run out earlier than usual.

The expert added that the main sources of malicious programs, which later lead to hacking WhatsApp, penetrate smartphones through phishing pages.

"The best way to stop potential wiretapping is to delete the app and generally minimize the risk of leaking sensitive data," he said.

According to Fesenko, WhatsApp employees and management, as well as hackers, can spy on the users of the messenger. In the case of the first, according to the expert, it is almost impossible to prevent it.

It will also be difficult to neutralize the influence of a third party on the operation of the application, if the person has become a target of special services or "superhackers".


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