WhatsApp Interface to be updated: What changes are planned?

April 6, 2023  12:25

For the first time in recent years, the design of the WhatsApp Messenger will be changed for smartphones running the Android operating system, WABetaInfo website reports.

An updated home page design has been found in beta version of WhatsApp for Android. The aforesaid website notes that this indicates that WhatsApp's Interface will apparently change and look more like the iPhone version, as there will be a navigation bar at the bottom of the Messenger screen. In the current version, the app sections are located at the top of the screen.

“As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp is really developing a tweaked interface for the app by implementing a bottom navigation bar. Thanks to the bottom navigation bar, it will definitely be easier for users to navigate between the different sections of the app as they would be easily accessible from the bottom of the screen,” the aforementioned website writes.

whatsapp  .jpg (54 KB)

WABetaInfo explains that the interface difference between WhatsApp's Android and iOS apps often confuses users switching from one platform to the other; and this solution will be designed to solve this very problem.

In addition, users have been asking the developers of the Messenger for a long time to update the design of this app and make it more modern and its structure—more logical.

The updated WhatsApp Interface is still under development and will be released with the next update of the Messenger. But is not yet known when the next update will be released.

Earlier, it became known that a new function was launched in the beta version of WhatsApp, which aims to increase the privacy level of users. The new feature enables to lock individual chats, providing access to them only with a fingerprint or password. In fact, this adds an extra layer of security by protecting the users’ correspondence from third parties.

WhatsApp Messenger recently released a number of other functions and announced that many innovations are expected in 2023.

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