GIF22 faces: 5 FAST questions to Kevin Bartanian

September 30, 2022  21:10

In a few days, Yerevan will host prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and high representatives of leading international companies and organizations to attend the 4th Global Innovation Forum (GIF22) entitled "Life-Altering Technologies". At the heart of this international forum organized by the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology are discussions on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on human lives.

Prior to GIF22, Tech talked to the speakers of the forum. We present to you Kevin Bartanian, the Founder and CEO of KEVANI, an out-of-home (OOH) media organization specializing in urban-scale, iconic media assets.

Kevin Bartanian is one of the speakers of the Fishbowl session devoted to fintech.

What are the key points to be highlighted in your speech?

The use of AI is transforming advertising at a rapid pace. Folks are seeing these changes on their browser or on digital billboards with personalized ads that help people make decisions about what products or services to consume. I’ll review real-world examples. 

Could you please briefly introduce the peculiarities of AI applications in the field that you are currently working on?

Similar to many other industries, Media including Outdoor Advertising (Out of Home)  has benefited from AI. The media industry and all its sub-verticals are seeing a resurgence in growth, thanks to valuable insights and solutions enabled by AI and automation.  Areas of impact include Enhanced customer journey and content, enhanced advertisement landscape, content security, and general improvement of business processes. 

How has the field changed in the past 5 years? What do you predict for the next 5 to 10 years?

Whether you're using built-in tools to optimize your subject line for your newsletter or activated an ad campaign on Facebook or google, you might have not realized it but you’ve been actually using Artificial Intelligence.  My prediction for the next 5 to 10 years as it relates to AI and advertising will be Predictive Analytics. Predictive analytics is a form of advanced analytics that utilizes AI, machine learning, and historical data to make predictions about future outcomes. For example, an advertiser can determine the likeliness of a consumer buying rain jackets when there’s a 70% chance of rain and alter the creatives on digital billboards dynamically. 

What is the biggest challenge in the AI industry at the moment?

Generally speaking, according to several surveys people are optimistic about AI. However, at the same time, most people believe that the data that feeds AI is biased. As an industry, we must continue to use AI in non-conflicting ways such as delivering AI art content in public spaces or deliver non-commercial content in public spaces using AI. 

What’s your motivation to take part in #GIF22 and what will be the best outcome for the audience to attend GIF?  

My motivation: The panel discussions I participate in spark the creation of innovative new products, services, ideas, and startups. Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of humanity across nearly every industry, so the more we embrace it, the more seamlessly integrated it will become in our lives. The audience should be able to gain insight into the future of AI and the ways in which it will positively impact the world on both a micro and macro level.

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