Apple intends to release most expensive model named iPhone Ultra

February 6, 2023  13:41

Apple is studying the possibility of releasing the most expensive model of the iPhone, which will be called Ultra and will be an addition to the flagship series iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. According to preliminary reports, the Ultra model will be Apple's first smartphone to get rid of all the traditional connectors and also get an improved camera and processor, Bloomberg reported.

According to article author Mark Gurman, a hint of the upcoming Ultra model could be Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent statement in which he noted that people are willing to spend money to get the best of its kind.

Tim Cook made this statement in response to a question about the steady rise in the price of iPhones. Thus, if in 2017, top-of-the-line iPhone X model with 256 GB of internal storage cost $1150, the 2022 flagship iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max (with 1 TB of internal storage), costs about $1600.

Cook said the price increase is not an issue; in fact, consumers can probably be persuaded to pay more. According to him, people are really willing to make the effort to get the best they can afford in this category.

“I think people are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category,” Cook said, noting that the iPhone has become “integral” to people’s lives։ consumers now use the device to make payments, control smart-home appliances, manage their health and store banking data.

The agency notes that Apple has internally discussed having a more expensive iPhone in its smartphone lineup and is already doing its best to make its Pro models different from the standard iPhone, which will cause consumers to pay more.

According to Bloomberg, for example, when the iPhone 15 is unveiled later this year, it will differ from standard iPhones in both the materials the phone is made of and the processors and cameras. The specific Pro Max model will get a periscope lens, which will provide improved optical zoom.

Apple has already used the Ultra name for its top-of-the-line sports smartwatch and M1 processor. But instead of just renaming the Pro Max to Ultra, Apple could add a higher-end iPhone to its lineup than the two Pro models, according to the agency. The company has internally discussed the possibility of doing so, and possibly in 2024, when the new iPhone will be introduced.

This could certainly increase the price of the phone, and consumers should have a good reason to buy a new smartphone at that price. According to the agency, it's unclear at this point how this latest model will differ from the others. It will probably have a better camera, a more powerful and faster chip and maybe even a bigger screen. There could also be many features, such as doing away with the charging port forever, as Samsung Electronics Co has already done with its Ultra series. 

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