Armenian Revytech and French Thales presented modern cybersecurity solutions

June 14, 2024  17:59

How to run a secure digital business, protect applications and customer data, manage customer and workforce identity security risks, and ensure a secure digital journey were the focal points of the Thales-Revytech Security Workshop. Armenian company Revytech and French company Thales discussed critical cyber threat issues and presented a range of security strategies and solutions to leaders and IT department representatives from leading companies in various fields in Armenia.

The event was initiated by Revytech, the official partner of the large corporation Thales in Armenia. According to Tigran Simonyan, CEO of Revytech, mastering and managing security risks is one of the most important challenges in the era of digital transformation.

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"Today, more and more businesses provide their services in the digital environment, and along with that information security risks and cyber-attacks are escalating. Companies must be well-prepared to address these threats by actively developing tools, acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and technological solutions to prevent and manage such risks effectively. This requires a well-structured approach to both technical and business processes. Globally, and particularly in Armenia, there is a notable rise in cyber-attacks targeting websites and applications, leading to significant financial losses. Our mission is to assist businesses, both in Armenia and worldwide, in overcoming these challenges with a comprehensive toolkit. This includes offering professional services, introducing advanced technological solutions from our global partners, and facilitating professional discussions.”

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During the workshop entitled “Identity Armor: Safeguarding the Digital Journey with Thales,” Waleed Marji, Regional Sales Manager at Thales, and Tariq Jitan, Digital Identity and Security Professional at Thales, introduced their company's activities and security solutions for digital banking, payment systems, and secure authentication of mobile and online applications used by a wide range of customers.

Waleed Marji noted: “With this event, we officially kicked off our partnership with Revytech in Armenia and the CIS region. Revytech will serve not only as a reseller partner but also as an implementation partner, leveraging their expertise and involving a professional team. They have demonstrated significant expertise and have highlighted additional benefits and features of our solutions, particularly in the cybersecurity market and the customer market, specifically within the banking industry. The event aimed to expand the visibility of our solutions.”

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Tariq Jitan added: “Armenia is currently undergoing a digital and identity transformation to align with new market trends. The traditional security boundaries we previously relied on for protecting identity and infrastructure are no longer sufficient. Today, we aim to ensure a safe and secure digital journey. In collaboration with Revytech, we directly engage with customers to demonstrate how our identity and access management solutions can help enhance security practices and increase revenue.”

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During the workshop, Vagharshak Iskandaryan, Head of Revytech's Information Security Department, and Tigran Avanesyan, Senior Information Security Specialist, presented Revytech's application protection model and solutions, addressing participants' questions.

The event was attended by heads and representatives of IT departments from the RA banking system, financial institutions, insurance companies, technology firms, payment accounting companies, and large businesses.

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Revytech provides services in a number of directions: software development/enterprise software, mobile applications Android/IOS etc. hardware supply/HPE data center equipment and solutions,creation and maintenance of IT infrastructure of any complexity, IT operations service.s/ DevOps, NetOps, DBOps, SysOps etc., design and implementation of structural and optical networks, RPA/robotic process automation services, SAP’s software license reselling and implementation, UiPath’s software license reselling, data analytics services based on SAP BI and HANA in-memory computing platform, AI & machine learning services, cyber security services including design, implementation and maintenance of cyber security framework, penetration testing services: The company also offers design and installation of corporate power supply networks, design and implementation of data centers and much more. "ACBA technologies" company acting under the RevyTech brand was founded by "ACBA Federation" and "Revolutionary Technologies." "ACBA technologies" company acting under the Revytech brand was founded by "ACBA Federation" and "Revolutionary Technologies".


Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs, develops and manufactures electrical systems as well as devices and equipment for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security sectors. Thales operates in more than 56 countries.

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