Google lets you delete search results that contain personal information

September 23, 2022  16:26

A new Google tool makes it easy to remove search results that contain your address, phone number, and other personal information by which you can be identified.

If you see a page with your phone number, home address, or email address among the search results, you can click the menu (three dots) in the upper right corner. This opens the ‘About this result’ panel, which now has a new ‘Delete result’ option. If the result does contain personal data, it will be excluded after the revision.

google-results-about-you.jpg (66 KB)

You can request the exclusion of a result, if it contains:

  • personal contact information;
  • contact information with the intent to harm;
  • other personal information;
  • illegal information;
  • outdated information.

So far, the innovation has worked for a limited number of US and European users. If you are not among the testers, you can request to have your information removed the old way.

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