iPhone users are advised to disable iMessage: What risks are hidden in it?

April 16, 2024  21:33

iPhone users are urged to disable iMessage for security reasons after the developers of the Trust Wallet cryptocurrency wallet disclosed information about a new vulnerability in the messenger that allows hackers to hack into devices.

As Trust Wallet reported in a blog post and on social network X (formerly known as Twitter), the vulnerability, which is being sold on the dark web for $2 million, allows attackers to access an iPhone via iMessage without having to click on malicious links.

Representatives of Trust Wallet recommend that iPhone users temporarily disable iMessage to prevent possible attacks from hackers. They will still be able to send regular SMS messages, which, according to experts, will provide an additional level of security in this case.

Despite the company's warning, the announcement of the new vulnerability caused some skeptical reactions online. Some experts, including blockchain researcher Beau, believe that the information presented by Trust Wallet may not be sufficiently verified and are calling for a closer look at the situation. They warn that such messages may cause panic rather than actually help users protect their devices.

So far, Apple has not commented on this situation.

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