Google to connect Africa and Australia with first underwater fiber optic cable

May 24, 2024  16:03

According to Techcrunch, Google is building the first-ever underwater fiber-optic cable that will directly link Africa and Australia. The project aims to significantly improve internet access quality in the region, which has been facing serious disruptions.

The new cable, named Umoja, continues Google's efforts in laying underwater communication highways. Previously, the company completed the Equiano project, connecting Africa to Europe. As per Google's blog, Umoja will start in Kenya, traverse Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, before reaching Australia through the ocean floor. The company also shared that the terrestrial portion is already prepared, and efforts are underway to lay the cable through the Indian Ocean to Australia.

The emergence of this new communication line is particularly relevant given recent damages to existing cables serving the African continent. The lack of underwater and terrestrial connections in Africa seriously hampers traffic redirection.

Meg Whitman, the U.S. Ambassador to Kenya and former CEO of eBay, emphasized, "Access to advanced technologies and reliable digital infrastructure is a key factor in economic growth. For Kenya, the Umoja project will be an important step towards digital transformation."

It's worth noting that the terrestrial segment of Umoja was built in collaboration with Liquid Technologies. Google highlights that the cable route will include access points for connecting other countries, allowing them to benefit from the advantages of the new network.

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