Wildberries simplifies terms for sellers

May 16, 2024  15:14

Wildberries has simplified the terms for sellers on its platform in accordance with the warning issued by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service in April. Specifically, the company has fixed the tariffs for storage and logistics and defined the conditions for penalties for violations.

"Now, sellers have the opportunity to permanently fix the storage tariff: the tariff in effect at the time of planning a specific delivery will remain unchanged," stated the Wildberries press service.

The company noted that this measure will reduce sellers' storage costs and make their working conditions "more predictable." The cost of transporting goods from the warehouse to the pick-up point can also be fixed for 60 or 90 days, depending on the category of the goods.

The item "For other violations" has been removed from the list of penalties. All the reasons for which a seller can be fined are now specified in the offer, Wildberries noted. The offer also includes rules for full or partial blocking of the personal account, explaining the procedure for its restoration and the time frame for reviewing appeals.

Additionally, the offer now details the procedure for receiving and sorting goods for sellers who work with both Wildberries' warehouse and their own. For example, the receiving time for goods under the "Marketplace" model is now determined from the moment the box's barcode is scanned at the gate, according to the updated rules. Previously, the time was counted from the moment each item was scanned during sorting. Responsibility for violations during receiving is now assigned not only to the sellers but also to the marketplace.

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