Wildberries Travel service is already available for Armenia and other CIS countries

April 12, 2024  10:15

The Russian Wildberries online trading platform has announced that it is significantly expanding the coverage of the Wildberries Travel service. Travel services, such as air tickets, excursions, photo sessions, etc., are now also available to tourists from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

It is possible to pay for reservations using foreign bank cards. Head of Wildberries Travel Anna Shchekotikhina said.

"We are sure that tourists from these CIS countries, who often go to Russia for leisure and business trips, will actively use the service to plan their trips."

Earlier, Wildberries announced that it is launching an online lending service for sellers. Sellers will be able to submit a bid from their personal account on the platform and receive funds within a day. Wildberries also announced that they intend to provide insurance services as well.

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