Why is it dangerous to use public Wi-Fi?

April 10, 2024  14:32

Open Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous because it's unknown who created them and for what purpose. Vladimir Ulyanov, the head of the Zecurion analytical center, spoke about this to Moscow 24.

According to him, if a user connected to public Wi-Fi enters login, password, or other confidential data, they may fall into the hands of scammers. The specialist recommended accessing email, social networks, and payment applications only through their own mobile internet.

"I'm not urging to completely abandon the use of public Wi-Fi hotspots. It's just necessary to be very careful. If you have to connect to such a network, it's better to use it only for safe operations. For example, to check the map, weather, or read the news. Entering any information should only be done in critical situations when something urgent needs to be done and there is no access to your own network," Ulyanov concluded.

Denis Batrankov, the head of the network security department at Positive Technologies, previously reported that a fraudulent free Wi-Fi access point was discovered at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, which hackers used to steal accounts in the Telegram messenger.

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