Instead of writing, dictate the email in Gmail. Google Workspace will get a number of AI tools

April 10, 2024  10:35

Subscribers of Google Workspace will soon be able to use the AI tool "Help me write" through voice commands to, for example, compose an email in Gmail "on the go." Google also announced a new artificial intelligence-based feature in Gmail for Workspace, which instantly "polishes" draft emails. Google shared this at the Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas.

These tools will primarily be available to paid subscribers. According to a Google representative, the company has a "long history of creating truly useful and versatile AI features for all our users, including smart replies and smart message composition." After receiving feedback from paid subscribers, who will essentially act as beta testers, Google will "consider the possibility of extending these AI features to all users."

In addition to the new AI features, Google has added several other capabilities to the Workspace package, including "Notifications" for "Sheets," which send customizable alerts, for example, when a specific field is changed. Additionally, new templates will be available in "Sheets," making it easier to create a new spreadsheet.

"Docs" will receive tab support, allowing users to organize information in a single document instead of referring to multiple documents. This feature can be particularly useful when working with large documents with complex formatting. "Docs" also gain the ability to create cover layouts without margins.

Google Chat can now support up to 500,000 participants, and support for messaging with Slack and Teams has been added. According to Google, about 3 billion users use Workspace, with over 10 million being paid subscribers.

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