High-quality photos of iPhone 16 have been published։ What changes are expeted?

April 8, 2024  17:07

Based on photos of iPhone 16 smartphone models, the Yanko Design site has created high-resolution computer-quality renderings of the new smartphone.

The two lenses of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are expected to fit vertically, like the iPhone 11 launched in 2019, while the camera unit has also changed shape. This will enable new smartphones to capture spatial video for Apple Vision Pro.

In addition, the entire iPhone 16 series will have an action button assigned to up to nine different functions. And on the right is a new camera launch button. Apple is expected to focus even more on the camera.

The Mydrivers website reported that the workers who saw the iPhone 16 Plus during the production stage said that the smartphone turned out ugly.

iphone_16_capture_button_2_large.png (561 KB)

It is expected that the smartphones of the iPhone 16 series will be presented to the public in September.

Earlier, photos of mockups of all four iPhone 16 models appeared on the Internet, revealing the design of the entire series of Apple's next-generation smartphones.

NEWS.am Tech also reported earlier that Apple may have to increase the amount of RAM in iPhone 16 smartphones so that the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system can work.

iphone_16_4_large.png (548 KB)

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