What is one of the main differences of iPhone 16 Pro and previous models?

April 5, 2024  10:16

Some models in the iPhone 16 lineup will feature a narrower frame around the screen thanks to the implementation of the Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology at Apple's contractor manufacturing facilities. MacRumors reports this, citing The Elec.

The BRS technology ensures a more compact and efficient arrangement of the main screen circuitry, making the frame narrower without compromising display performance or the overall device form factor. Implementing BRS requires precise and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Display driver chips (DDIs), the components at the heart of this production challenge, control the activation and backlighting of pixels on OLED panels. To meet Apple's requirements, LG Display is evidently diversifying its DDI supply chain by involving Novatech from Taiwan alongside its existing supplier, LX Semicon. This move aims to increase product quality while simultaneously reducing costs.

At the current moment, it's uncertain whether the technology with a thinner frame is intended for the entire iPhone 16 lineup or for specific models. MacRumors believes that the innovation will most likely be implemented only in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, as there have been rumors previously about increasing the screen sizes of these models without a significant increase in the size of the devices themselves. Achieving this can only be done by reducing the thickness of the screen frame.

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