Brett King: In 10-15 years, average life expectancy of people can be 120-130 years

April 3, 2024  21:10

During the second annual international forum Doing Digital in Yerevan, Brett King, a renowned futurist and author of several influential books on banking, addressed pressing issues surrounding energy consumption and healthcare advancements, offering bold predictions for the future.

King highlighted the significant toll of air pollution caused by fossil fuels, citing the staggering statistic of 10 million annual deaths attributed to this environmental hazard. He questioned society's acceptance of this human cost and advocated for investing in cleaner energy solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of hydrocarbon energy production.

Turning to the healthcare sector, King discussed the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in extending human lifespan and revolutionizing healthcare delivery. He envisioned a future where AI-driven gene therapy could edit genes and eradicate diseases from DNA, fundamentally altering conventional healthcare paradigms.

King envisaged a shift towards smart healthcare, facilitated by AI-powered solutions that would enable individuals to access free and personalized healthcare services, leading to longer and healthier lives. He boldly predicted that within 10-15 years, the average life expectancy could reach 120-130 years—a dramatic increase from current levels.

Contemplating the implications of extended lifespan, King pondered how individuals might utilize their additional years, speculating on the prospect of lifelong education and continuous personal development as people embrace longer, healthier lives.

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