Oppo introduces Air Glass 3 smart glasses that work with AI: What features do they have?

February 27, 2024  20:14

The Chinese company Oppo presented the prototype of Air Glass 3 smart glasses working with artificial intelligence at the MWC 2024 international exhibition in Barcelona. The glasses connect to the company's smartphones to access AndesGPT's large language model.

The glasses can also play music, display information and receive voice calls. Users can control them using the touch sensors on the side of the frame. From the outside, Air Glass 3 looks like ordinary glasses, weighs only 50 grams.

Oppo Air Glass 3.jpg (165 KB)

The AndesGPT language model was developed by Oppo itself. It is currently only available in China. A chatbot can "search for information and conduct conversations to help users with tasks such as travel planning" and more.

Oppo Air Glass 3   3.jpg (225 KB)

Oppo states that the smart glasses will become "a suitable hardware carrier for artificial intelligence, thanks to its functions such as visual and audio interaction, and will eventually become the best companion of smartphones in a large number of situations." The model will not be sold outside of China.

Earlier in September 2023, Meta released smart glasses under the Ray-Ban brand. It allows you to take photos and videos as well as share content. All data is synchronized through the Meta View application. The device is sold for $300.

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